EquiJet, LLC | Services
Equijet specializes in flying your horse domestic or internationally to arrive in top condition to horse shows, race tracks, polo tournaments or breeding farms. Our service includes airports-pickup and delivery, handling additional equipment, all necessary paperwork, customs and any quarantine needed.
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Our Services

Necessary pre-export checks and blood tests

Flight booking

Notifying the responsible authorities

Coordination with agents in the country of destination or departure

Issuing and sending of health certificates

Issuing the necessary documentation for customs

Personal handling at the airport

Organization of pre- and post-export quarantine

Road transport to and from the airport

Stabling at the airport


Handling and shipping of additional equipment

All owners shipping horses with EquiJet will receive complimentary Enviro Equine & PET products to reduce stress, maintain fitness levels, and keep traveling horses happy and healthy!