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Equijet specializes in flying your horse domestic or internationally to arrive in top condition to horse shows, race tracks, polo tournaments or breeding farms. Our service includes airports-pickup and delivery, handling additional equipment, all necessary paperwork, customs and any quarantine needed.
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Sep 25 2019

Get to Know Team EquiJet! Meet Molly Smith, Our Canadian Specialist

Califon, N.J. – Sept. 25, 2019 –EquiJet, specializing in the transportation of horses both domestic and internationally, was founded by horse people with decades of experience in the horse transportation business. Behind every scheduled flight, trip booking or piece of paperwork, EquiJet has a team of the most dedicated and qualified equestrians taking care of its valued customers. An integral part of EquiJet’s operations, Molly Smith handles all things Canada and serves as the resident Canadian Specialist.  Molly Smith Molly joined the EquiJet team in the spring of 2018. During her tenure...

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Jul 25 2019

Kentucky CEM Quarantine Announcement: Limited Availability

Do you need to import a horse into Kentucky this August? Make sure to plan ahead, as the Kentucky Department of Agriculture will have limited staff available to oversee CEM quarantine facilities during the period of August 4th through August 25th, 2019. Due to this, quarantine applications need to be sent as early as possible to aid in the approval process....

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